Mummy's Home! - Fantastic Paperback


Bought by loving parents and gifted teachers around the world. The best book written specifically for the children of working mums to help develop resilience and confidence.

The rhyming verse by Christopher MacGregor and the beautiful illustrations by Emma Yarlett create a warm, comforting book that is a joy to read at school or at bedtime prior to, and then throughout, a mum's absence. The book is full of fun and without knowing it the child is steered towards positive behaviours and reassured that love is permanent and mum's absence is temporary.

An 8 year old called Alice sleeps with this book under her pillow when her mummy goes away, and although she can't wait until her mummy puts the key in the door and shouts, 'I'm home!', Alice understands that her mum loves her very much - that's why she falls asleep easily with a contented smile on her face.

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